The Command Line Organization is a small team of system security researchers with a focus on total security. From operational and physical security to network and systems security, we make sure your project is safe from every angle.

Founded over 12 years ago, cmdline has been working both sides of the firewall from day one. We’ve worked on hardening systems from attacks and writing exploits of our own. Whether you need us to create a secure network/system from scratch, or if you need a red-team for your existing security, cmdline.org is who you want to hire.

Who are we?

Gregory Mullen – Principal

Founding member of cmdline.org, has been working in various network security positions for over 14 years.

Robin Lindén – Partner

Joined the cmdline.org team in 2016. Swedish engineer with over 7 years’ experience in consulting, in both security and software development projects.

Looking to get in touch? contact@cmdline.org